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The AmeriFlex Group® Announces Q1 2023 Affiliation Results Blowout!

We Are Growing

The AmeriFlex Group® announced today that their affiliation activity in 2023 has thus far resulted in a record-breaking quarter.

LAS VEGAS, April 1, 2023 – The AmeriFlex Group®, a rapidly growing, advisor-owned hybrid RIA that puts financial planning first, led by Thomas Goodson, CEO today announced a record-breaking first quarter of affiliation activity.

Goodson commented, “Our first quarter results were extraordinary. The collective efforts of the TAG partner advisors, our advisor strategy consultants, and general recognition within the transitional wealth planning community has created a wave of affiliating financial advisory professionals. Our model of providing a Home for Hybrids – advisors that want a Broker Dealer option along with an independently owned RIA is gaining traction.”

Diana Heu, CCO commented, “The lights went on when advisors looking for a new home realized they could transition from renting their corporate RIA to gaining ownership with a group of like-minded planning-first financial professionals.”

Jesse Kurrasch, COO provided the data for the TAG quarterly results. He stated, “we currently have identified 16 affiliating advisors for 2023. This means that these advisors have either fully joined The AmeriFlex Group, signed letters of intent, or have committed to join within 2023.” Kurrasch went on to say, “The quality of the advisor affiliations are fantastic too, with 35% of the commitments filled by woman advisors, which is a stated goal of TAG – continue to grow our representation of women in the advisory community.”

About The AmeriFlex Group

The AmeriFlex Group® is recognized as The Home for Hybrids® ( – BD/RIA Transitional Wealth Planners™ (financial advisors). The RIA is owned-and-operated by its advisor members and partners. 8485 W Sunset Road, Suite 204, Las Vegas, NV 89113