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Collaboration & Organic Strategies

AmeriFlex® Premier+

Our robust and customized process allows you outsource your top clients’ most complex planning needs.

Through cooperative work with our advanced Planning Department, we will provide a detailed analysis and recommendations based on the Family Index calculation.

We partner with you to help your clients answer the

“Big Life Questions” and “What If…” scenarios to provide a comprehensive Transitional Wealth Planning suite including:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Realized Gains/Losses
  • Client Document Storage
  • Detailed Quarterly Reports
  • Annual Collaborative Review
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Transitional Wealth Planning

TWP is a specific discipline within financial planning. TW Planners focus on client goals, gather and synthesize client data, and then develop customized solutions to support our clients’ Preferred Outcomes®.

Our proven process will help you grow your GDC and AUM and prepare your practice for the most successful outcomes – growth, business development, practice management, and succession planning. Transitional Wealth Planning is the engine for growth when engaging the mass affluent and high net worth client. We will develop and customize your plan of action to engage these coveted groups. Our proprietary systems and programs will position you to capture assets in transition, during retirement, sale of a business, change in marital status, sale of a home or property, and for legacy planning.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

We partner with you to provide best-in-class consultation on digital strategies in today’s evolving networking space. Your digital imprint is your one chance at a first impression. When you request to connect, clients and colleagues are checking out your online business card. They look for relevance. Why should they connect?

Our team of dedicated consultants help frame your professional value proposition and brand to leverage your current and potential centers-of-influence and client base.

Control how your online audience views you as a form of digital reputation management. This not only showcases who you are and your personal brand, it creates relevance with the products/services you offer as well as your firm.

You will learn how to create an online presence and unique voice that stands out from the crowd of canned financial content and irrelevant industry jargon to drive quality relationships and new business.

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