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Many independent financial advisors feel “Succession Planning” is synonymous with selling a practice, or retirement.

And while it is a component of a practice sale, succession planning is an involved process which enables advisors to determine and track the value of the practice, protect it, and then – over a carefully developed timeframe – implement a plan for transition and practice transfer. Powered by The AmeriFlex® Group, SuccessionFlex enables you to monetize a portion of your advisory business today and if you wish, receive support with your day-to-day client support activities. 

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Monetize up to 49% of your revenue stream without selling your clients

The AmeriFlex® Group & The AmeriFlex Group X™ is made up of like-minded independent financial advisors, enterprise groups, and OSJs with a powerful, seasoned group of expert staff at the core.  With dual headquarters on the East and West Coasts, the value proposition for financial advisors goes beyond a super OSJ with planning and back-office support for up to the top 20% of your client base with the SuccessionFlex® program. 

Realize a portion of your firm’s value

The SuccessionFlex® program enables you to receive a lump sum check on Day One. This type of arrangement could meet the requirements for preferential tax treatment or deferred compensation. Talk to your accountant to weigh your options.

Continue to participate in the growth of your firm

After monetizing a portion of your enterprise, you can continue to be the owner of your clients and your business.  When you are ready to sell the remaining portion of your revenue stream, a third-party valuation firm of your choosing will provide a formal valuation.  This provides you with confidence you will receive the current market value for your remaining revenue stream. 

Continuum of care

Through the community of The AmeriFlex Group and The AmeriFlex Group X™ experienced and seasoned transitional wealth planners, we will help you create a customized and tailored succession plan with the level of care that you would prefer to see your clients receive after your departure.

Together we will design a bespoke service model tailored to your wishes for your clients.

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