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The AmeriFlex Group® Releases New Book “Your Transitional Wealth Planner”

The AmeriFlex Group’s® President and CEO Outlines Transitional Wealth Planning Benefits for Clients and Advisors in New Book

Your Transitional Wealth Planner Details How Investors Can Address the Complexities of Life-Altering Events with Good Planning and the Right Financial Advisor as a Partner

LAS VEGAS, June 7, 2022  — The AmeriFlex Group®, a rapidly growing, advisor-owned hybrid RIA that puts financial planning first, today announced the publication of Your Transitional Wealth Planner. Written by firm President and CEO Thomas Goodson ChFC®, CLU®, CASL®, the book includes contributions from four AmeriFlex Group-affiliated Transitional Wealth Planning professionals.

Your Transitional Wealth Planner

Your Transitional Wealth Planner provides a detailed outline of the emerging financial planning discipline that helps clients navigate significant life transitions such as retirement, sale of a business, home or property change in marital status or loss of a loved one. Transitional Wealth Planners focus on client goals, gather and synthesize client data, and then develop customized solutions to support clients in creating a flexible path to achieving these outcomes, helping to plan for a lasting legacy.

Mr. Goodson said, “We all face transitions throughout our lives that cause some degree of disruption to our normal routines and often impact our financial situations in ways we might not consider. Working with a Transitional Wealth Planner who understands how these dynamic situations can impact an individual or couple’s financial future positions consumers for financial success and stability in even the most complicated circumstances.”

The AmeriFlex Group has seen a significant increase in Transitional Wealth Planning requests over the past 12-months. Advisors affiliated with the hybrid RIA have also experienced marked growth in their business as they expanded their offerings to include this specialized offering to clients. Advisors affiliate with The AmeriFlex Group® in part due to its focus on supporting their member planners.

Chandler, Arizona-based Vicky Garcia, CFP®, CFF®, of the Chandler Wealth Management Team, noted that focusing on life event-based planning has helped  her address the unique situations her clients face.

“By taking such an intentional approach to planning for and through these transitions, I believe we can come to much better results. Understanding a client’s goals must include an understanding of what it will take to navigate the path toward those goals,” she said.

Scott Chelberg, CFP® of Retirement Solutions Inc. of Carlsbad, California, one of The AmeriFlex Group’s Transitional Wealth Planners, said, “Often when we discuss these topics with clients, they have not thought about this kind of approach to their future. By identifying their goals and the best path to achieve them, we can position our clients for success.”

“Transitional Wealth Planning can help people navigate uncertain periods with the confidence that they will make it through to the other side. This book was written to help clients get a feel for this process and how it can help them reach their financial goals, no matter what they face in their lives,” concluded Mr. Goodson. “

A complimentary edition of Your Transitional Wealth Planner can be downloaded HERE. Interested consumers will be connected with an AmeriFlex-affiliated Transitional Wealth Planner.


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