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I like to see people prosper. Especially in an environment that is constantly changing — culturally, technologically, and economically.

In my role as an Advisor Strategy Consultant, I help financial advisors thrive and flourish and become the best version of themselves. That can mean making a change in Broker-Dealers, choosing a hybrid RIA to better serve their clients, or designing a succession plan to care for their clients when considering an exit strategy.

As a former reporter and writer, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people about pivotal moments in their lives. As a compassionate, intuitive storyteller, I’ve honed my ability to listen and communicate. That has become my superpower and it enables me to pinpoint an advisor’s goals – both personally and professionally. I can recognize both conscious and unconscious motives – by what people say and don’t say. And I’m driven to help them understand, talk through, self-coach and discern a path forward. I’ve been described as a “think tank in your pocket.”

The financial advisors I work with have built a business with intention and passion. They’ve spent years loving, planning and caring for their clients. But like the shoemaker with worn out shoes, their laser focus on their clients can lead many of them in need of guidance
in regard to their own future. My role is to help them transition to the next — or final — phase of their practice. By taking what they’ve worked so hard to build to monetize ensure their clients are taken care of when they retire.

When I’m not working with my advisors, I enjoy beach time with my family, teaching yoga, and serving my community as a budget and cashflow coach. To me, the key strategy for living an enriched life is being present – and living that life with (and on) purpose of mind, body, spirit (and financial!) connection.